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Bullara Ladies Campout – Update # 1

Bullara Bull Bar
Looking over the Lodge

The Bullara Ladies Campout is coming together nicely and we are all starting to get just a little bit excited!

Firstly, is the huge news that Ningaloo Cooking Studio will be doing the catering for the event. And the menu is pretty WOW! We are also lucky enough to be doing a roast of some amazing organic Bullara Beef over the spit. This is such a treat. Along with all the wonderful goodies that Ningaloo Cooking Studio are serving, I for one, am looking forward to sharing this meal with everyone.

Lunch on Saturday is a plethora of healthy choices (in readiness for all the delishishness of the Saturday night feast!!), so those ladies who are vegetarian are not to feel left out.

So many food goodies on offer, too many to mention. But no one will starve that’s for sure! Not to forget our scone baking session on Saturday morning. I’m drooling already. Enough about the food!

The ‘Events’ calendar is also taking shape. (now that the important part of the catering is sorted!!). So keep an eye out on our Facebook page for all the news of the various events. Loosely speaking though, we are organising yoga, pilates, paper craft, wine tasting, scone making, an art session,…. and then for those who wish to, bring your mountain bikes and head out onto the tracks. The events are not compulsory, so if you just want to come and chill out and escape, then no one is going to harass you to do anything more!

All the rooms and cottages are now fully booked. But there is loads of camping space, and for those of you who are in need of assistance with setting up your camp, then let us know so that we can all get in on the fun.

You will need to ring Bullara Station Stay to book your site. We also suggest that you purchase your tickets as soon as possible as well. This will help us immensely with catering numbers, but we also only have a certain quantity of tickets. We have sold 1/3 so far and have 6 weeks to go.

This event will grow in momentum every year, and so we urge you to schedule your calendars for the last weekend in October for 2019. The Bullara Ladies Campout is a weekend of fun and games, great food, awesome company, and a heap of laughs. You dont need to be a C.W.A member to attend. This event is a child free event. (but we do understand that some mothers with small infants may need to bring their babies.)

Contact us should you have any questions to exmouthcwa@mail.com