About Exmouth CWA

Whilst many of us have heard about the CWA, not many people really know what they do. I was one of those people. And when I asked the question of those ‘in the know’ the answer was simple…

“It’s whatever the individual branches want it to be.”

Obviously there is a general framework to adhere to, but on a local level, the CWA branch is made up of its members. So its up to the members as to the direction of the branch.

The Exmouth CWA is a baby learning to crawl. Gathering new members, getting to know each other, finding out what we all want from our branch of the CWA. Its early days! We only set up the branch mid August 2017, but already we have a sizeable member base. After our first meeting I can safely say that we are all, pretty much, on the same page. Here’s what we have come up with so far…

  • We want to raise funds for our local community. With a strong focus on families and women, but also things that affect us as a remote regional town.
  • We want to have alot of fun raising those funds!
  • We like to cook, so there should be some good food as a focus.
  • Many of us are in business, so lets maybe get a support group going for keeping us sane.
  • Many of us are young mums, so lets get some interesting guest speakers up here to keep our brains switched on.
  • We are still waiting on our crafters and knitters to surface, maybe they are just a little shy!
  • Lets go away camping and have a few laughs.
  • Lets share our excess produce with the town.
  • Lets make cool stuff and learn new skills.
  • Lets welcome new women to town, and make sure that no one is stuck at home and lonely.
  • Lets have alot of fun and lets make heaps of new friends.